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Our facials at Maha are designed to support and cater to each individual’s needs and concerns. We begin with a consultation with your therapist to discover which necessary steps to take to provide you with a treatment leaving you feeling confident and replenished. Relax and unwind as we take you through your skin care journey. 

Premium Maha Facials Treatment Price
Pamper Facial (30 mins) $75
Deluxe Facial (60 mins) $95
Exfoliate Me Facial (45 mins) $120

Dermaplane Facial:
 A safe procedure that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, along with unwanted “peach fuzz”. Diminishing the look of fine lines and promotes smoother skin.

Dermaplane Facial Treatment Price
Face inc Neck $70
+ Ageless Stem Cell & Peptide Mask $20

Carbon Facial: 
A beautiful new beginning for your skin also known as the ‘China Doll’ facial. The Carbon Facial is a skin treatment that uses the conductive qualities of the carbon to quickly and painlessly exfoliate, cleanse, clear and tighten pores leaving your skin looking brighter and evening out your skin tone.

Carbon Facial Treatment Price
Full Face $180
Full Face & Neck $210
Full Face, Neck & Décolletage


IPL Photo Rejuvenation Facial:
This treatment stimulates the production of collagen to improve the effects of sun damage, rosacea, fine lines, large pores and more. Helps smooth out impurities and enhance your skins overall luminosity for a revalidated, youthful glow

IPL Photo Rejuvenation Facial Treatment Price
Full Face (inc neck) $250
Face & Neck & Décolletage $360
Hands $150